USGI B.M.G Browning .30 Cal and .50 Cal Head Space Timing Gage

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This is the USGI 50 Cal Headspace and Timing Gage. Headspace comes equipped with both .30 and .50 cal gauges. Items have been issued and are in very good functional condition. Great to keep extra on hand as these can be easy to lose in the field. 

MFG: 19204

P/N: 5351211

P/N: 5351214

P/N: 5351213

From Manufacturer: 

  • The primary prefire check requirement is the inspection of the weapons headspace and timing. This is done with a headspace and timing gauge. Headspace is the distance between the face of the bolt and the base of a cartridge case fully seated in the chamber. The timing of the gun makes sure that firing takes place with the bolt in the correct position (just before it reaches the full FORWARD position).

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