SPEC-OPS Brand 3 Point Sling CQB 101 Universal Fit Gun Rifle Weapon Combat Sling

SPEC-OPS Brand 3 Point Sling CQB 101 Universal Fit Gun Rifle Weapon Combat Sling

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Spec-Ops Brand 101 CQB Sling
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PROBLEM: Most weapon slings on the market today are only designed to fit one type of weapon and only offer one way to carry and employ that weapon. This is highly impractical given the ever changing conditions, equipment, and tactics that troops have to deal with. Slings that work for one application or user don’t work for others, making it almost impossible for units to field equipment that meets every need. 

SOLUTION: SLING 101 CQB, Universal Combat Fighting Sling is a one-sling-fits-all system that simplifies the sling selection process and improves performance in the field. Innovations like the new UNIVERSAL design, which allows the sling to be mounted to virtually all weapons platforms, and the patent pending "Uni-Link" feature, which improves the way it is mounted, sets a new performance standard for weapon slings.
  • Universal design fits most conventional weapons. Sling can be mounted, to virtually any sling mount location, quickly and easily on most weapon platforms being fielded by the US military, and various shotguns.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS: Easy set-up for left or right-handed shooters.
  • Innovative: The "Uni-Link" Buttstock Strap feature (patent pending) allows the user to mount the sling without the cumbersome adaptors found on other slings.
  • Durable: Tubular web design is super strong and virtually twist/tangle free.
  • Comfortable: The 1.25" width of the shoulder strap distributes the weight of the weapon for a more comfortable carry.
  • Designed specifically for combat deployed troops.
  • Unique traverse strap prevents sling from getting tangled in weapon mounted accessories.
  • "Speed-Lok " feature allows shooter to customize the carry and balance of the weapon.
  • Backpack Carry Capability - Allows rifle to be carried backpack style.
  • Fits both Fixed and Collapsible buttstock configurations.