PVS NVG Rhino Bracket Lever ACH MICH Kevlar Helmet Shroud

  • 2495

  • Tan Color
  • Comes with Center Screw 
  • Mounts to the front of (1) hole tactical helmet.

The Front Bracket Kit is a direct replacement for the NVG mounting plate that is issued with the Advaced Combat Helmet (ACH).  It works with ACH/MICH helmets, as well as CVC (combat vehicle crewman) helmets, and is used to attach PVS-7B/D and PVS-14 series NVG's to your helmet, in conjunction with other brackets that are issued with NVG's. 

This bracket kit contains a flat mounting plate, a screw, and a threaded post.

NSN:  5340-01-509-1467

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