Military Dog Tags

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Custom made with the lettering of your choice. Embossed Military Dog Tags

1 Set of Military Dog Tags
Custom made military dog tags. You get (2) tags with your custom print, (1) long chain, (1) short chain, & (2) silencers. Fits up to 14 characters per line with  6 lines. Spaces count as a character. All letters will be in all caps, you can also get different prints embossed on each tag. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, thank you.
Put "Dog Tags" in the Subject Line
Note* Dog tag silencers will cover the 1st and last line + 1st two characters. Clear Silencers are transparent.
Military Style Example:                                   Example 2:
Line 1: Last Name                                          Line 1: Centex
Line 2: First Name, Middle Initial                     Line 2: Tactical Gear
Line 3: Social Security                                    Line 3: 2122 W. Adams
Line 4: Blood Type                                         Line 4: Temple, Texas
Line 5: Religious Preference                            Line 5: 76504
Line 6: Optional (whatever you like)                Line 6: (254) 231-3583
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