iTUCK Concealment Inside Pants/Waistband Cell Phone Holster Conceal Carry Pouch

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The iTUCK IWB Phone Holster
The iTuck holster is a revolutionary design perfect for all around conceal carry. No need to wear long T-shirts or special pants, this concealment holster looks like all you have is a cell phone case. When a situation arises, simply pull the phone tab up and your pistol will come up out of your waistband for an easy draw. 
The large size can accommodate full size frames and has a Velcro adjustment for longer barrel lengths. 

(Phone Case with Hidden IWB Holster)

• Heavy Duty 1 ¾” Metal Clip
• Holds iPhone™ 4,5 ,Samsung™ Galaxy™ or Similar ( Upto 5.5" Tall x 3.5" Wide 1" Deep)
• Pocket for Driver License, Credit Card & Cash
• Hidden Holster Pocket Conceals Firearm

(Patent Pending)

Size Small: Fits 
LCP,BE21,P380,SS238,TCAT, 738,Pony, ( With or W/O Crimson Trace Laser) and Similar Sizes

Size Large: Fits 
LCR, J Frame ,SW 3913, PF9, Gl 17.19.22.,Be Nano, LC9, SS230 PPK, PPKS, Sr9C, SS239, XDS45, Kahr PM9/40/45 Beretta 9mm, And Similar (With or Without Crimson Trace Lasers) 

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