Army ACU MOLLE Tactical Vest FLC Rifleman Set

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Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Set

A component of the MOLLE System, this Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Set is designed to fit underneath the full MOLLE pack. It includes a Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Vest, 2x Canteen/GP Pouches, 2x Hand Grenade Pouches, 2x M4 Triple Magazine Pouches and 3x M4 Double Mag Pouches. All genuine US Government Issue, all pieces are made of Cordura material with nylon webbing, and all plastic is Infrared Resistant GhillieTex Polymer. Durable, rugged, and versatile, the material even takes well to commercial dyes, so can be easily used for Paintball or hunting in any environment. This is truly a universal platform. NSN 8465-01-525-0575
1. Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Vest, NSN 8465-01-525-0577, 1ea
2. Fragmentation Hand Grenade Pouch, NSN 8465-01-525-0589, 2ea
3. M16/M4 Double-Mag Pouch, NSN 8465-01-525-0606, 3ea
4. M16/M4 Triple-Mag "Shingle" Side-By-Side Pouch, NSN 8465-01-525-0598, 2ea
5. Canteen/Utility Pouch, NSN 8465-01-525-0585, 2ea
Military Issue - Made in the USA.



A=New or Like New
B= Slightly Used Very Good Condition
C= Normal Wear, Good Usable Condition, May Have Stains or Dirt

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