Army Aircrew Uniform Jacket ACU Digital UCP Flight Top NOMEX ARAMID A2CU

  • 2895

Army ACU Aircrew Top
These items are pre-owned. Some are new and some are used. Used items will be in good usable condition but may have some minor wear or fading.

Features A2CU Aircrew ACU Digital Camo Pilots Aramid Shirt/Jacket 

  • 100% Aramid (Fire Resistant Fabric
  • Secure Velcro or Zippered pockets 
  • Waist belt with Velcro tabs for custom fit 
  • Slit for Compression/G-Suit access on middle front, right side of shirt/jacket 
  • Velcro on shoulder pockets, front right and left breast for patches, rank and name tape

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