Ambidextrous Universal Hand Gun Belt Loop Pistol Holster Fits Guns With Lights or Lasers

  • 1395

Ambidextrous Belt Loop Holster (Black)

Fits: Large Frame with Lights or Lasers

  • Deluxe ambidextrous belt holster designed for left or right handed use
  • Spring steel removable belt clip can be switched to either side of the holster and allows for use with any standard-width pants belt
  • Belt loops on both sides of the holster
  • Designed to wear with the clip on the pants and the belt through the loop for a secure fit
  • Spare magazine pouch with Velcro retaining strap holds a double stacked or 2 single stacked magazines
  • Fully adjustable thumb break with a snap and a steel shank for quick access
  • Size 24: Fits full size Autos with under barrel laser sites and flashlights

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